If you have advertisements enabled through BlueFrame, when you use the Ad Trigger feature the system will use advertisements from an advertising bank that BlueFrame Technology manages. This goes over how to use that feature and how it functions. 

Note: If you are interested, in order to setup BlueFrame advertisements, contact our Sales team, please email sales@blueframetech.com

 To fire off an ad you will go to the Ad Trigger buttons on the right side of Production Truck. 

You'll first select the duration of the ad break that you wish. Then click the Fire Ad button. 

Note: On the Windows version of Production Truck, you must be in Testing or Live mode in order to Fire Ads

You will see a countdown timer begin below in the center of Production Truck to signify when the ad break will begin. Once the ad break has started that will change to a countdown timer for how much time is remaining in the break. 

If you need to stop the ad break early, click the Stop Ad button. This will stop the ad break and you can continue with your broadcast. You're viewers will see the rest of the advertisement that they were watching and they will see the broadcast from where you started broadcasting again. 

Note: You can also change the countdown timer duration and the different durations of the ad breaks by going into the preferences window and then Timers

When you fire advertisements, you will see your splash screen displayed within the program feed area. This is due to advertisements being displayed through our video player. While you are seeing that screen, the viewer is seeing an advertisement. 

Note: In order to change your Splash Screen see the following Help Article: Updating your Poster and Splash Image

Below is an example of how an advertisement would appear to the viewer within our video player. Similar to other services, the viewer gets an indication in the upper left hand corner for how much time is left in the advertisement. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.