Picture in Picture allows you to place a secondary camera source over the top of your main camera source. This is useful when trying to give a live look-in at a different game or when you have a camera setup on the game-clock and wish to display that on the graphic. 

First go to Extras in the top menu bar of Production Truck and select PIP. This will open the Picture in Picture window.

At the top of the window you can select your source. This will be the secondary camera source that will be placed over top of your main camera.

Next you can choose to crop the view of that video feed.

Now we can move the video to where we want it to be displayed. We can also adjust the size of the video by changing the values at the bottom of the window. 

When we're finished we can click Add and we'll see it appear in our program screen.

You now have a live secondary camera source playing overtop of your main camera. You can still change your main camera between Camera Sources A, B, C, and D - your Picture in Picture feed will stay the same and will remain on top. 

Note: Check out our "Using Picture in Picture with Score Banners" page to learn how to use PIP to place a scoreboard clock into your score banner overlay.

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