To play a video clip into your broadcast we're going to use the Video Clips Editor Window.

1. You can open the Video Clips Editor window by clicking where it says Video Clips on the left side of Production Truck


2. To open a new video clip click on the plus sign in the video clips tray on the bottom of the window. 

3. Once you have a video clip selected you should notice another black square with a grey plus sign has appeared. You can click on this again to continue adding more video clips to your tray.

4. To play a video clip click on the clip you wish to play, a orange outline will appear, and then click the transition that you wish to use and it will transition that video clip into the broadcast. When the clip ends it will automatically use the same transition to switch back to the last camera feed. 

-You also have the option to chose which audio you want to accompany the video clip. Below the transitions you'll have the option to switch your audio between the audio from the clip or the live audio coming from your normal audio input. You can adjust the audio from your video clip by adjusting the audio levels on the right side of the Video Clips Editor window.

-Checking the Loop box will continuously loop that video clip until you uncheck the box. 


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