Overlays are the graphic components that are available in Production Truck to display information to your viewers. These include score banners, statistics, starting lineups, and much more. Almost all the overlays operate with the same information such as team names, scores, and logos. Due to this, it's very important to understand how overlays go about getting the necessary information they need.


Before we start getting into how specific overlays work it's import to understand the areas of Production Truck that deal with overlays.

 A. This button will open the Overlay Manager Window this is where you will go to open, download, and update your overlays. All overlays are accessible through this window. 

B. This area is where you will be able to input your information and adjust all your settings and controls for your overlays. When you open an overlay it will appear here. 

C. Here you will see a preview of your overlays before you place them in your broadcast. There is only one alteration or change that you can do here and that is the moving of certain overlays. You can learn to do that in our How to Move Overlays article. 

D. When you are ready place your overlay into your broadcast you can click the Overlay button. This will place the currently selected overlay into the broadcast. 

E. The Clear button will remove ALL overlays from view in the broadcast. 

Overlay Manager Window

The overlay manager window is where you'll go to download and open all of your overlays. Overlays are hosted on a server so that they can be easily updated and maintained by BlueFrame. This means that before you can use them you must download them first. If you're starting from the beginning here's how to download and open your overlays.

1. Go to the Download tab at the top of the window.

2. Under Filter choose which sport you are doing

  • You should now see all the overlays for your specific sport. 

3. Click the check box next to each of the overlays you would like to use and then click Download in the bottom right of the window. 

  • You'll see a blue downloading line fill over top of the icons to the right and they will disappear from sight when they are downloaded.

4. Now that they are downloaded go to the Open tab.

  • You may need to chose the filter again for your specific sport, but the overlays you downloaded should be available here now. 

5. Check the box again for the overlays you wish to open, and then click open in the bottom of the window.

6. Close out of the Overlay Manager Window

  • Your overlays are now represented by different tabs in the Overlay Editor 
  • You'll also notice an Update tab. Here you will be notified if there are updates that are available for any overlays. Just like downloading and opening overlays, you'll just click the check boxes and then click Update in the bottom right corner.  

Control Panel

The Control Panel is the most important overlay and should be opened at all times. The reason why it's so important is that it holds nearly all the information that will be needed for the rest of the overlays. It is also a crucial part of using the score banners as all of the game information is inputted into the Control Panel. 

Here is the layout of the Control Panel. (image left)

1. Game Tab. Here you will have access to your game time information. You can change the team scores, period, clock, and timeouts. All changes made in the Control Panel will be reflected live in the other overlays. 

2. Away Tab. This is for including all of the information for the Away Team. (image right)

3. Home Tab. This is for including all the information for the Home Team. 

4. Game Information. Here you can change any of the game information. The types of information will change based on the sport that you are doing. 

5. Tabs. Each overlay is represented by a tab. You can click and drag the tabs to rearrange them or click the to remove the overlay. You can also click on the title to rename it. 

6. Show/Hide option. Some information can be hidden from view on the score banners. Typically these are items like clocks or Downs and Yards to Go in Football. Clicking the box will reveal an "eye" and will make the information visible on the score banner.

Control Panel - Home/Away Tabs

In the Home and Away tabs you'll be able to fill out the respective team information including their team name, location, mascot, abbreviation, and a logo. When you use different overlays, such as the team stats overlay, the information will be pulled from the Control Panel to avoid having to input the data more than once. 

Using Other Overlays

Any overlays, excluding the control panel, need to be dragged over to the Overlay Preview Window before they can be used. Here is the process for adding overlays to the broadcast.

1. Click and hold on the overlays tab, then drag the tab over to the Overlay Preview Window

  • Your overlay should now show you a preview of what your overlay will look like. You can see that all the information is being displayed. Any changes you make in the Control Panel will appear live in the overlay.

2. When you're ready to place the overlay onto the broadcast click Overlay button.

  • Any changes made in Control Panel will appear live in the overlays.
  • This process is the same for all overlays. All overlays need to be dragged over to the Overlay Preview Window - except the Control Panels (sport, team and network).

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.