With some overlays you are able to move them around to place them exactly where you want them in your broadcast. 

Hover your mouse over top of the overlay in the Overlay Preview Window. You will see three red icons in the top right corner. 

The first button (from left to right) is the Pin/Unpin option. Click on the Pin/Unpin option. You can now click and drag the overlay to place it where you would like the overlay to stay.

The second button is the Lock button. When you click on the Lock button it will lock the overlay so it cannot be removed from the broadcast without first being unlocked. This is helpful for overlays such as your score banners and watermarks/network bugs.

The third button is the Remove button. This will remove just this individual overlay from the broadcast. This is one of two ways of removing a single overlays, the other being clicking the "x" button on the overlays' tab. 

4. The Home button. When you may have noticed that when moving the overlay with the Pin/Unpin button a Home button appeared to the right. This resets the overlay to the default position. 

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