Streaming to Youtube through Production Truck is incredibly easy with our Youtube integration, once logged into Production Truck you can create and schedule broadcasts within it. Then just go live on Youtube and you're streaming!

Note: If you are looking for streaming to Youtube through RTMP, that can be found at: Streaming to Youtube through RTMP. If you are looking for RTMP Syndication through vCloud that can be found at: RTMP Syndication through Facebook Live and Youtube

To begin streaming to Youtube you'll first need to setup your streaming account on, this is done through a Google account. 

Go to and Login. To login go to the login button in the top right corner.

Next go to your Creator Studio page by clicking on the video camera icon in the upper right hand corner, and selecting "Go Live" .

If this is your first time live-streaming, Youtube will need to verify your account, and you will be prevented from broadcasting for 24-hours, so keep this in mind! 

Now that you have live-streaming setup, we can navigate back to Production Truck. Within the Production Truck preferences menu, navigate to the "Service" tab and change your Streaming Service to Youtube. Then click the sign-in button. This will open a new tab in your preferred browser and you will be asked to Sign In to Youtube. 

Note: Depending on your browser, it may display that Production Truck is not a trusted developer, this is a security barrier, simply press "Advanced" and "Continue Anyway"

You are now signed into Youtube through Production Truck. You should see the name of your channel in the bottom right hand corner of the "Service" tab of the Preferences menu.

Now when you create broadcasts in Production Truck, they will automatically be created in Youtube. So create a broadcast!

Once the broadcast is created and you are ready to stream, once you go live in Production Truck, Youtube also requires that you go live on their end. 

When live in Production Truck, navigate back to Youtube, and go back to the Creator Studio, by selecting the "Go Live" button once again. Navigate to the "Manage" tab at the top and then select your broadcast. 

 You will then likely be prompted to answer if you believe this livestream is child friendly, answer in the best way you see fit and Youtube will allow you to continue. 

You should see a preview of what you are currently streaming in the top right hand corner, through the preview menu. Youtube will also give an indication of your connection strength. Once you are ready, click the Go Live button and you will be streaming on Youtube!