All your settings and advanced features can be found in the preference window. This can be opened by click the gear icon in the center of Production Truck.

A. Service 

The Service tab is where you can change your streaming service between:

1. BlueFrame


3. Youtube

4. The Cube

5. Record to File

6. Stretch Internet 

7. Facebook

B. Audio/Video

This tab is where you need to go to select any of your video or audio devices. You can choose up to 4 video sources and 1 audio source. From here you can also choose to output your feed or configure the replay for specific cameras.

C. Replay

You can choose here which cameras you want to have Instant Replay enabled. Learn how to use this feature here:

D. Scoreboard

With scoreboard integration you can connect your external scoreboard in your gym or on the field to your Production Truck overlays so that the score and clocks are automatically updated with your scoreboard. This integration works the best with the Sportzcast Scorebot. Contact Support for more information on this feature.

E. Network

The Network tab is where you can test your network connection and see your current speed.

F. Timers

The Timers section is where you can change your ad durations as well as the duration of the Countdown to Live timer.

G. Advanced

These are some of the advanced settings for Productions Truck. You can choose to restore your overlays at startup and change the max resolution and frame rate to get the best quality broadcast possible.

H. Social Media

Here you can log in to your social media accounts to share video clips and screenshots in Production Truck. On the lower half of the window you can also choose a pre-roll clip or watermark for the video clips.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (855) 812-2740 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.