So, you're wanting to use 3 or 4 cameras for your broadcasts this year? We have an easy solution for that with our Mac software. Listed below are our recommended capture cards for either an HDMI or SDI solution that supports up to 4 cameras

As far as capture cards go, you'll want to assess if you are wanting to use SDI cabling or HDMI cabling. HDMI cabling is limited in the fact that it can only go up to 75-100 feet without a signal booster in between. SDI cabling can go up to 300 feet without a booster, making it a little bit more practical for longer runs of cabling. Either way, HDMI or SDI, we support it. With either an SDI capture card or HDMI capture card you will need to get an enclosure box, we recommend the Sonnet Enclosure box - 

We've also got a great solution for cabling that can go up to 1000 feet without a signal booster in between. It's a little bit more expensive, but we've tested with it and the signal is fantastic. It's the Tac&Go HDMI Fiber Optic converter. The link to is it below. 


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