If you are attempting to do a multi-camera setup, it is necessary to use a multi-input capture card unit. This unit is put into an enclosure box, or installed directly into the computer if using a PC tower, and allows for multiple cameras to be brought into Production Truck. 

Below is some information as too why this unit is necessary and our recommendations.


Equipment Setup Recommendation

You must use a single capture card device within an enclosure box as opposed to a single capture card for multiple cameras for a few reasons:

  • Capture cards are externally powered, and a single computer cannot power more than a few capture cards or external devices simultaneously.
  • The computer you are utilizing likely does not have enough external ports to support multiple capture card inputs
  • Generally, it's more convient to have the single unit, with a single input into the computer when needing to setup, breakdown, and transport your setup.

Capture Card Recommendations

For links to these products, please see the following link:


  • Blackmagic Design DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder Capture Card
  • Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI Card (4 Channel)


  • Blackmagic Design DeckLink Duo 2
  • Magewell Pro Capture Quad SDI Card (4-Channel)

Enclosure Box Recommendations

Our suggested capture card enclosure box is the Sonnet Echo Express models. See below our recommendations:

Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt 2

Cabling Considerations

As far as capture cards go, you'll want to assess if you are wanting to use SDI cabling or HDMI cabling. HDMI cabling is limited in the fact that it can only go up to 75-100 feet without a signal booster in between. SDI cabling can go up to 300 feet without a booster, making it a little bit more practical for longer runs of cabling. 

This will also determine which capture card you would need to look at above. 

Multi-Camera Capture Card Setup

This outlines how to setup the multi-camera capture card device once you have it in your possession.

What You will Need:

  • Blackmagic Decklink Quad or Duo Capture Card; Magewell Pro Capture Card Quad
  • Sonnet Echo Express
  • Phillips Screwdriver

For more where to purchase these products, please visit our Kit page at the following link: Capture Devices

Take the Sonnet Echo Express box and flip it over. Unscrew the four screws at the bottom of the Echo Express chassis. Slide the inner unit out of the exterior cover. 

You will then want to insert the Capture Card into the interior chassis. You will need to screw in the capture card in order to secure it to the chassis. 

Once the Capture Card is secured to the chassis, you will slide the inner area back into the exterior casing and fasten the screws again. Now the Capture Card is secured within the Sonnet Echo Express. 

Depending of if you went with a HDMI or SDI capture card, you should see your ports at the back of the Sonnet Echo Express box. In the below example, you can clearly see our SDI connections visible and ready to use!

You can now plug your Sonnet Echo Express and Capture Card into your computer. You will need to plug in the box to power and into the computer via Thunderbolt. 

In the below example, the A cable is the thunderbolt connecting to the Mac and the B cable is the power for the box itself plugged into an outlet. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.