These are the steps to trim the beginning or end of a broadcast using Quicktime on Mac.

First we need to convert the local copy, flv file, to a MP4 file.

1. Open Production Truck go to Tools > Export to MP4.

2. When the window opens click on the top Select button. 

3. Find the local copy of the broadcast on your computer and click Open (Note: Documents/ProductionTruck/Archive)

4. Click on the the bottom Select button and choose where you want to save the new file.

5. Click Export.

Next, we'll open the file in quicktime to trim it.

6. Find the new file that was exported. It's saved where you chose in step 4.

7. To open it double click the file.

If it doesn't open in quicktime then right-click the file and choose Open With > Quicktime.

8. In Quicktime go to Edit and then Trim. (Or Command + T)

On the bottom you'll see two yellow handles at the beginning and the end of the video.

9. Click and Drag the handles to the appropriate start and end marks. Then click Trim off to the right. 

10. Finally, Go to File > Export. When you hover over Export you'll see the different quality options. Choose the highest quality available. 

Once it's finished exporting you now have your new trimmed version of your broadcast. You can now upload this to vcloud in place of your original broadcast. 

For help with uploading to Vcloud follow link below:

Updating Video for a Broadcast

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