One of the most common troubleshooting issues with BlackMagic devices is outdated drivers.

This most noticeably causes Production Truck to stop recognizing your device(s). 

To update your drivers follow the steps below.

NOTE: Before starting be sure to unplug your capture device(s) - You will plug them back in after step 11.

1. In your internet browser go to

2. Then, go to the Support Page. The link is at the top of the page.

3. On the Support Page, scroll down until you see Latest Downloads on the left hand side.

-You DO NOT need select your device. 

4. Find the newest version of Desktop Video.  

note: As of July 7, 2017.... Desktop 10.9.5 is the newest version.

5. Then click the Operating System that your computer uses. (Windows or Mac)

6. This will open a registration window. If you'd like you can register your device, OR just click Download Only in the bottom left corner of the window

-This will begin your download. 

7. Once the download is complete open it from your downloads folder to unzip the folder.

8. This will open a file called "Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_xx.x.dmg", double click this. 

9. A window will open up that will include the installer. It is a green icon titled "Install Desktop Video xx.x", double click this.

10. You will now see the installation window. Follow the prompts to install the drivers/software.

11. After you've gone through the installation process it'll prompt you to restart the computer. Restart your computer.

12. While the computer is restarting plug your device(s) back in. 

(13.) After your computer restarts and you've plugged your device(s) back in you may be prompted to perform a firmware update for your device. Always be sure to do it. 

You're Blackmagic drivers are now up to date! You may need to go into your System Preferences > Blackmagic Desktop Video to make sure your input format is correct.

Further Troubleshooting: If Production Truck detects the device(s) and they show up under the source drop down but there is no video, check all of your video formats between your camera, Desktop Video Drivers, and in Production Truck. Also, check to make sure your camera is set to output the video through the correct channels (HDMI, SDI).


If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (855) 812-2740 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.