1. Login to your XSplit account.
  1. Login to Citylinktv.com
  1. Go to events and then click add new.
  1. This will take you to the BlueFrame Dashboard (vcloud.blueframtech.com).
  1. Your email address should already be inputted into our system, but we may not have created a password for your account. Click reset password to setup your password on the new BlueFrame system.
  1. If this is your first time logging in put the email and password and click the: login tab. Click Remember Me if you would like to be logged in automatically next time you visit.
  1. You will now see the Admin. Home page Click on: Broadcast Grid (underneath media) to schedule a broadcast.
  1. Go to top right-hand corner of page and click on: Operations. Then click: Create Broadcast.
  1. Create Broadcast page and click on: Select Section and then click: desired tab. For example - football. This section will be the sport that you are streaming. Then be sure to enter: Title
  1. Go to left side of the page and find the calendar to set: Date and Start Time and then click: Done
  1. At this point scroll on down and click: Alternative Sources
  1. Select RTMP at this point from drop-down
  1. Click on: Alternate Sources to close
  1. Contact information should fill in automatically and then click: Create.
  1. You'll see the: Broadcast page and click the: "click here to  return" look in the light green area (you can also click the back arrow in your browser, or click the Broadcasts section underneath to view all of your broadcasts in a different layout)
  1. You'll see: Monitor Broadcasts and look for scheduled date and click the green: Apply tab
  1. At this time click the dark blue: Update Filter tab and you will see the broadcast you created.
  1. Now to get the information needed to use in XSplit go to the bottom right side of page next to the blue save tab. You will see 8 small icons. Click on the one with a circle and lowercase i in the small circle. You will see: More Details if you hover over the i in the circle.
  1. You will now see: Broadcast Details and scheduled start time. At the bottom of the page underneath the RTMP tab is the information you will copy into XSplit.
  1. Pull up XSplit at this time and click: Broadcast or Outputs and then click on setup new broadcast or outputs and then click: Custom RTMP.
  1. Channel property section: put name on top line and you will need to change stream name for each new event.
  1. Go back to BlueFrame and copy RTMP Host and paste in channel properties on third line down.
  1. Go back to BlueFrame and copy and paste steam name and paste on the fourth line down in channel properties.
  1. Go back to XSplit and click: Broadcast or Outputs and click the channel and you are streaming live at this point.
  1. To stop broadcast on XSplit go to broadcast or outputs and uncheck channel.
  1. Please watch the video on how and when you can set archive.

XSplit to BlueFrame Tutorial Video


If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (855) 812-2740 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.