Below are the steps needed to watch a Pay-Per-View broadcast on an OTT app.

1. Select the broadcast you want to watch within the App. (Roku TV shown in picture)

2. If it is a pay-per-view broadcast it will bring you to a page that provides a website you need to go to as well as a code.

3. When you visit that webpage it will ask for your code. Enter it.

4. When you press submit it will prompt you the options to Purchase Access or Login To Access.

a. If you already have an account and have purchased a pass or were given login credentials you can click Login To Access.

b. If you haven't created an account or need to purchase access click Purchase Access. From there you can create an account, login with that account, and purchase access with a credit card.

5. Once all billing information is submitted or you have logged back in, you will get a Screen saying order successful.All you will need to do is click 'watch broadcast'.

6. After you have purchased access and logged in to the app, your TV will automatically start playing the broadcast within a few seconds. 

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