Below are the steps to accessing analytics for a single or multiple broadcast and what each analytic indicates. 

Note: For information on how to interpret your broadcast analytics view our Understanding your Broadcast Analytics Help Article.

Analytics for a Single Broadcast

Login on to vCloud, using your account username and password, then navigate to the Broadcast Grid

Use the filter options in order to select which broadcasts you wish to view analytics for. For Archived broadcasts, ensure that Status is set to Archived and hit Update Filter.

You should then see your archived broadcasts, displayed below. 

Then on the broadcast you wish to see analytics for, select the bar graph icon off to the right. 

You will receive a screen with multiple analytics.

Your most important viewership analytics can be seen at the top. In order to determine the amount of viewers who viewed the broadcast, please take a look at Unique Plays.

By default it will show combined viewership as the broadcast was live and archived, but you can toggle between the three viewers in the center. 

If the broadcast is live, you can see your total number of viewers. 

Scrolling down further, you can see viewership analytics for specific platforms, such as Apple vs. Android devices. There are multiple pages so be you can navigate through them. Additionally, its broken down by if it was viewed when live or archived. 

Finally, the pie chart to the right, breaks down if viewers watched while the broadcast was live vs. archived. 

Analytics for Multiple Broadcasts

Login to using your username and password. Navigate to the Broadcast Grid page, located underneath Media. 

Use the filter options at the top of the page to change the Status option to Archived and filter down the broadcasts you wish to view analytics for. 

Underneath the filters, click on the bar graph symbol. 

You will then see combined viewership analytics for all the broadcasts you selected at the top. It will then breakdown the analytics for each broadcasts below. 

If any of the broadcasts are live, you can see their current viewers below. 

If you scroll further down, you can see viewership numbers for reach broadcast broken down. 

Finally, if you wish to download a copy of these stats, you can select the Export to CSV option.

It will then download a CSV to your computer. 

Upon opening the file, your analytics will appear on your screen. It should look like the following image.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.