BlueFrame’s scoreboard overlay design has a lot to offer for your productions. This article will feature the control panel and scoreboard for football. However, the flat design overlays are available for various other sporting events. 

Note: If you are looking for overlay basics, please reference the following article: The Basics of Overlays

Once you have opened Production Truck and logged in, open the overlay manager window by clicking the blue plus + sign in the bottom left quadrant.

In this window, you will be able to use filters to narrow down your overlay options to a specific sport.

Now you will only see Football overlay options. For our demonstration purposes, we will use the Football Scoreboard || Gotham || and Control Panel overlays. Click the check box next to each graphic and click the Download button in the bottom right-hand corner. Similarly, once those download, move over to the Open tab and then select Open in the bottom right hand corner. 

The Control Panel is for your eyes only. This is where you will update the score, time, down & distance and team information. The scoreboard overlay will exhibit the information from the control panel to your viewers. You’ll need to click and drag the Football tab over to the bottom right quadrant aka the overlay preview window.

Back at your control panel, you can begin to input information for each team under the “away” and “home” tabs on the left side. It is important to be sure that you include a team abbreviation for that is what will appear in the scoreboard!

Note: You can also use Team Control Panels to quickly add in team and roster information. Check out our help article here to learn how!

You can also save the teams by clicking Save Team located under the record line. Once a team is saved, you will be able to open it at a later date. You can also add a team logo by clicking Select File. We suggest using a PNG file with a transparent background.

Back on the Game tab within the control panel, you can click the boxes next to various features to further customize your scoreboard overlay. When the eye is showing, that feature will appear in your scoreboard. A quick click on the eye again will make that feature disappear.

Under the football tab in the left quadrant, you can add network logos or sponsor logos on the left and/or right sides of the scoreboard. You can also use the pop-up to let your fans know certain information, such as “audio is unavailable” or a Twitter hashtag.

You can also move the scoreboard overlay within the preview window by using the pin option. Clicking the home icon will return the scoreboard back to its original place at the bottom.

Now that you have your scoreboard ready to go, you can click Overlay above the bottom right preview section to display the overlay to your viewers. Clicking Clear will clear any unlocked overlays from your program feed. 

There is also a locking feature that will Lock an overlay into place. This is often used for watermarks in the corners of the screen. You could Lock the watermark into place so that it would remain on the screen even if you click Clear.