The Team Control Panel gives you the ability to input team and roster information for home and away teams, as well as save that information to use at a later date. Using the Team Control Panel will allow you to use many overlays, such as starting lineup, without the stress of inputting each player’s information at the start of the game. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be utilizing soccer graphics. 

Note: For general information regarding Production Truck overlays, please review the article here

Once you have opened Production Truck and logged in, open the overlay manager window by clicking the blue plus  sign in the bottom left quadrant. 

In this window, you will be able to use the search bar to narrow down your overlay options. You can quickly find the Team Control Panel by typing in "team". 

After “checking” the Team Control Panel overlay and clicking open, you should see it in the bottom left quadrant. Clicking Edit Team will bring up a window to input your team's information. After you input your team's information, ensure that you click the Save button. 

Note: If you decide to upload a team logo, we suggest using a PNG file with a transparent background.

Clicking the grey plus + sign in the middle will allow you to add individual players. In this window, you will add the player’s number, name, position, position abbreviation (which will show up in the starting lineup overlay) and experience (or school year, such as Jr. for Junior). You can also upload their headshot image if you have one. Once you click Save you will see that player show up. To continue adding players, click the grey plus + again. 

Clicking the star icon will mark that player as a starter. The pencil icon will allow you to edit that player’s information. Clicking the x will delete that player from the roster. After you have entered your complete roster, you will want to save  this overlay for future use, right click and choose the Save option. 

In this window, you will be able to change the title and description. Click Save as New. Be sure that "Upload Finished Successfully" appears in the bottom right hand corner of the window before closing. 

This team specific overlay will be available to open at any time now, which will save you time before the start of your broadcast. To open, click the blue plus + sign on the bottom left again to open the overlay management window. By using the search, you can quickly find your new overlay.

Note: If you don’t find your new saved overlay, check the “Download” tab to the right of “Open.” If you find it there, you will need to select it and click “Download.” Then you will be able to select and open it from the “Open” tab.

Now you can click the star icon next to the players that will be in the starting line up. After you select the correct players, click Apply

Open the overlay management window again by clicking the blue plus + sign. Select the Starting Lineup - Flat Design for soccer and click open. This overlay will display starting lineups for both the home and away teams for your viewers. Drag and drop this overlay into the bottom right quadrant otherwise known as the preview window. 

Back in the bottom left quadrant, you will be able to switch between home and away teams, as well as using player images or not. The players’ numbers will appear in place of a photo if Without Images is selected. You can also add a logo in the bottom right of this overlay, such as a conference logo.

Using the Team Control Panel can also be useful in the sport specific Control Panel overlay. You can select a player from the roster if they score a goal or get a yellow/red card. This information can be shown on the scoreboard graphic by clicking the box on right so that an eye icon appears. Click the eye again to make the popup disappear.

Note: This feature is only available for soccer. Other sports feature different animations.

To get your graphic pictured in the bottom right preview window on the live stream, click the Overlay button above the preview window. To clear out the graphic, click Clear.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.