The newly updated Ticker overlay gives you the ability to continually display additional information for your viewers without distracting from the live action. This update gives you the ability to use more than one RSS feed and create custom messages and headlines. You can even integrate Twitter when using a MacBook computer!

To utilize this new graphic, you will first need to download it in the overlay management window. Click on the blue plus (+) sign in the bottom left quadrant.

In this overlay management window, click on the “update” tab to the right of “open” at the top. Once you find “Ticker,” you can checkmark it and click “update.” This will give you a notification in the “open” tab. Back in the open tab, checkmark it again and click “open” on the bottom right.

Once opened, drag and drop this overlay from the left side to the right like you would with any visual overlay.

The Ticker overlay has a couple of different features available. First, you can copy and paste an RSS feed from your organization's website to have headlines scroll through at the bottom of your stream. Once you paste in the URL, click “Update Feed” and then “Apply.” Click on a headline to start the scrolling of the ticker.

To reorder the list, click and drag on the three horizontal lines. You can also delete items from the list by clicking the grey “x” on the right-hand side.

You can also integrate Twitter into your ticker feed if using a MacBook computer. First, you must log in to Twitter within the preferences menu under the social media tab.

Once logged in, you can click the Twitter bird icon within the Ticker overlay window and search a #hashtag or keyword. It will automatically display 20 results, but you can increase that number to up to 50 results. After clicking “search,” click “apply” to add the results to your queue. As mentioned before, you can delete or reorder any of the results. To start the Ticker, click on the result you want to start with.

Note: Twitter integration is only available on MacBook computers. Search results do not include retweets.

There is also a custom feature within the Ticker. By clicking on the gear icon, you can enter in custom headlines or memos for your viewers to see. For example: sponsor lists, score updates from other games, or “Follow us on Twitter at @BUKnights and tweet using #BUKnights.”

To further customize this overlay, click on “Settings.” Here you can add logos on the left and right of the ticker bar. To change the color behind the logos, click the grey box on the right.


Now that you have your Ticker graphic ready to go, you can click “Overlay” above the bottom right preview section to display the graphic to your viewers. Clicking “Clear” will clear any “unlocked” overlays from your video stream.


If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (855) 812-2740 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.