RTMP Syndication through vCloud Syndication allows your broadcasts to be pushed to Facebook or Youtube in addition to the vCloud site. These social media platforms can be a great way of reaching other audiences and allow for your broadcast to be streamed to multiple sites. The addition of these different endpoints requires data to be input on a per broadcast basis. Facebook and Youtube have different procedures, so we have steps for walking you through each. 


Note: Facebook frequently updates their livestream platform's interface, if the following is inaccurate, please let us know.

First, you will need to navigate to Facebook and choose from the "What's on Your Mind" option, as if you were making any other post. Clicking on the three dots will expand your post options and you will see an option that says "Live Video". 



You will then be taken to the Live Producer page. On the left hand side of the page in the sidebar if you wish for the broadcast to appear on a specific page, such as an athletics page, you will need to select this. 

You will then want to either select between Go Live or Create live video event. If your broadcast is in the future and you just wish to schedule it, select Create Live Video Event.

Facebook then requires you, on the sidebar, to fill in information regarding the event. You must enter in a date, time, and adjust the privacy settings. Then select Next

Then navigate down under Settings and then Stream. Then on the far right, locate the Stream Key Setup. This is what we will copy-and-paste into vCloud or Production Truck. We will need the Stream Key and RTMP URL from Facebook. 

NOTE: Facebook stream keys are valid until you log out of Facebook, so we would not recommend logging out of Facebook if using Facebook's livestreaming

Note: Under Stream Settings, we would recommend disabling End live video if stream stops, if you anticipate network issues this ensures that if there is a network interruption the Facebook event does not get removed or stopped. Please note that if this is enabled and you are disconnected the broadcast will stop on Facebook and you will have to create a new one with new RTMP information. 

Now on vCloud or within Production Truck, on your broadcast creation page, go down to Syndication, and click Add RTMP Push Endpoint. 

You are now presented with two fields on vCloud. Under the URL field you will input the URL that Facebook provides, it is also below for your convenience.  Then under the Stream Name/Key you will input the Stream Key that Facebook provides. 

Facebook URL: rtmps://live-api-s.facebook.com:443/rtmp/

Below is an example of what that would look like in vCloud. Navigate down on vCloud and hit Save.

Note: The URL will always be the same, but the Stream Name/Key is unique per broadcast. 

Back on Facebook, in the lower left hand corner, you can select Create Event. Your broadcast is now scheduled to go live on Facebook.

The Event will automatically go live at the time selected, per Facebook, regardless of when you begin streaming the actual broadcast through BlueFrame. 


Once you are logged in on Youtube, click on the video camera icon with the plus in the top right. This will generate a drop down menu, where you will then select the "Go Live" option.

You are now in Youtube Studio, you will go to the left center of your screen where you will find two options titled "Stream" and "Manage". Choose "Stream" in order to setup the broadcast on Youtube. 

Once you select Stream, fill in some basic details about your particular broadcast. Your stream will then be created, you will likely then receive a pop-up entitled "Stream Setup Help", we will need this information. 

Once on the "Stream Setup Help" popup, you will want to copy both pieces of information displayed, the Stream Name/Key.

If you click off of this pop-up the Stream information can still be found right on the broadcast's settings page under the "Preview" window, on the default tab entitled "Stream Settings. 

Under Additional Settings, you can select the following to make broadcasting easier. 

  • Enable Auto-Start to not have to manually hit Go Live on Youtube in a browser. 
  • We do not recommend enabling Auto-Stop, as this will stop your Youtube stream if the connection is lost. This may occur if your network drops.

Now on vCloud or within Production Truck, on your broadcast creation page, go down to "Syndication", and click "Add RTMP Push Endpoint". 

Paste the Stream Name/Key from YouTube into Stream Name. The Stream URL will be the Stream URL that Youtube provides, it is also below for your convenience

Youtube URL: rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2

Below is an example of what that would look like inputted into vCloud. 

Note: The URL will always be the same, but the Stream Name/Key is unique per broadcast. 

Click Save at the bottom of the broadcast creation page. Now when you start your BlueFrame stream in Production Truck, it will begin sending video data to your YouTube event. 

You WILL need to manually send the broadcast live from YouTube's end, and click to end it. Unless you have the Auto-Start option enabled on Youtube's stream settings. 

Note: If you make changes to RTMP information during a stream, you will need to stop the stream and restart it in order for the RTMP information to update. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.