Broadcast Downloads can be purchased to give you permanent access to a broadcast. By purchasing a broadcast download you will receive a .mp4 file of the broadcast which you can save locally to your computer. The file of the broadcast will be yours forever!

Note: If a Download option is not available, then downloads are not available for that broadcast. 

How to Purchase a Download

Depending on how the webpage looks, will determine how you choose to download. If the broadcasts are listed below the video player, you will find the broadcast you wish to download and click Download on the right-hand side. 

Alternatively, select the broadcast, and then choose the Download option located to the left of the broadcast. 

A new window will appear asking you to login to our purchasing system. You can login with a generic account, managed by BlueFrame, or you can login with your Facebook, Google, or Apple account. 

Your video may have more than one purchase option available -- for example, you may be allowed to purchase access to a whole package of videos associated with the event. If so, choose one of the purchase options and click the Next button to proceed to the billing information page.

Now, if you have made a purchase with us before and saved your credit card information, you can select it here. If this is your first time purchasing or you did not save your credit card information you would select New Card

You will then be asked to input your Credit Card information. IMPORTANT: The email that you input in the email field will receive the email containing the download link. 

Note: You can select Remember Credit Card in order for your information to be saved for future purchases. 

Once you have confirmed your billing information, you'll be shown a window that asks that you wish for the Download link process to begin, select this and then you will see a page that says your Download is generating. 

You'll receive an email as a receipt of your purchase. This email will not include the download link. 

After our system has prepared your download file, you'll receive a second email with a link to your video

If you are using Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox, you can click on the link to download the file; if you are using Safari or Internet Explorer, right-click on the link and choose to Save/Download the file. Please note that broadcast files can not be downloaded on mobile devices or tablets.

Note: Download Links are only available for 30-days, download the game locally to your computer to have the broadcast forever!

It may take several hours before you receive the second email with the download link, depending on the length and quality of the video you've requested to download.

Accessing The Download Again

If you lose access to the email that contains the download link, you can return to the event page containing the video and click on the Download button again. On the resulting pop-up window, click on the Already Purchased? Login to Access button.

You will need to login with the same account (Facebook, Google, etc.) you used to purchase the video. Once you have logged in, click on the Send New Download Email button to receive a new email with the download link. There may be a several hour delay for our system to generate the file you requested.

Payment Methods & Security

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

We take credit card payments using the Authorize.Net payment service. Authorize.Net is committed to providing its merchant customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud. More merchants trust Authorize.Net than any other payment gateway to process their ecommerce transactions securely. For more information about the benefits of Authorize.Net’s secure transaction processing, please visit the Authorize.Net Web site.

Still Having Problems?

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.