In order to stream to the Blue Frame Technology service through an RTMP connection, you will need a Blue Frame Technology account. If we have not set up a log in to get into Production Truck, please email us at

Username - Your email address

Password - Your Production Truck password

In order to set up your RTMP stream, you need to log onto our service’s website backend, which is as follows -

Now, to create your RTMP broadcast go to Manage Broadcasts, or Broadcast Grid. At the top right hand side of the page click Operations, and Create Broadcast.

On your Create Broadcast page fill in all necessary information with an asterisk beside it. Verify your time and date are correctly inputted. RTMP streams will be valid from 01:00:00 before the broadcast's scheduled date, until 01:00:00 after the broadcast is stopped, so it is important to correctly input the time and test in accordance with that time window.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your RTMP will not show up as live if you are “late” in starting your broadcast. You must start the encoder before the scheduled start time of the broadcast.

Once your title and time are filled in go to the Alternate Sources box (click it to open it) and change the Alt Sources drop down from none to RTMP. After this is done, simply go to the bottom of the page and click Create.

Once created you can go back to the Manage Broadcasts or Broadcast Grid page and click on the “i” icon or magnifying glass for more information about the broadcast. This is where you will find your RTMP information and where you can watch the video player when you go live.

The RTMP information that you will input into your encoder can be found beneath the Source tab. It will appear similarly to the screenshot below -

For generic RTMP streams, your encoder should have the two following empty fields -

Address -

Stream ID -

Note: Some encoders may call these by different names. E.g. Stream URL, URL, Stream Name, etc...

The information from the Blue Frame website will be formatted as follows. 

Address - rtmp://[host]:[port]/[application]

Stream ID - [stream name]

As an example, here is the information that we used for a previous broadcast -


Address: rtmp://

Stream ID: 442289EB-9697-5F89-EB35-4B06F03AD13C?t=0732E7DB-2DFD-1D1B-524C-EC3AD2202659&height=720&rate=2000000&i=1

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (855) 812-2740 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.