In order to stream to the Blue Frame Technology service through an RTMP connection, you will need to login to the vCloud Streaming Service.

Navigate to and sign into vCloud

Now, to create your RTMP broadcast go to Manage Broadcasts, or Broadcast Grid. At the top right hand side of the page click Operations, and Create Broadcast.

On your Create Broadcast page fill in all necessary information with an asterisk beside it. Verify your time and date are correctly inputted. All this information is publicly listed. 

  • Section - the sport or category that this broadcast falls under
  • Title - title of the broadcast
  • Event Date and Time - the broadcasts scheduled event date and time. 

Note: RTMP streams will be valid from 01:00:00 before the broadcast's scheduled date, until 01:00:00 after the broadcast is stopped, so it is important to correctly input the time and test in accordance with that time window.

Once your title and time are filled in go to the Alternate Sources box, and change the Alt Sources drop down from None to RTMP. After this is done, simply go to the bottom of the page and click Create.

Once created you can go back to the Manage Broadcasts or Broadcast Grid page and click on the “i” icon or magnifying glass for more information about the broadcast. 

This is where you will find your RTMP information and where you can watch the video player when you go live.

The RTMP information that you will input into your encoder can be found beneath the Source tab. 

Depending on the streaming software you are utilizing will determine which information you need. Some Broadcasting software may reference these as different terms. 

Host: (Also called: Address, RTMP URL, URL, Server Address, Stream URL, etc.)

Stream Name:  (Also called: Stream ID, Stream Key, Stream)

Below is an EXAMPLE of how this RTMP may appear. Your RTMP information is different for each stream:

Address: rtmp://

Stream ID: bivpjzyz?t=733f&i=1

Not seeing your RTMP Information?

If a broadcast is not displaying RTMP information, you can update the broadcast to display it. In order to update a broadcast, navigate up to Operations, then Update this Broadcast.

Now, navigate down to Alternative Sources (RTMP, RTSP, etc.), select Push Source and select RTMP from the dropdown. Then navigate down and select Save. With this new setting enabled, you will see the RTMP information on the Broadcast Details page. 

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