No matter which way you choose to send your content to IWLCA-TV, you will need to create your broadcasts on Follow the steps below to create your broadcast on BlueFrame and the IWLCA-TV! 

We will create you an account to login and create these broadcasts; if you have not had an account created yet, contact us at or click New Support Ticket above and request your username and password.  

First, login to, go to the broadcast grid, then click Operations, and Create

You will need to fill in the Section, Title, and Date for each broadcast. These and the Contact section are the only required fields for a stream to go live through BlueFrame.


Your broadcast is now created on BlueFrame, the IWLCA-TV website, and the IWLCA-TV apps (in most cases). Depending on the way you are streaming, you will need to edit other certain sections of the create broadcast page. However, this is the easy way to create your first broadcast. 

  • PRO TIP: You can add a custom thumbnail image by going to the General section, and uploading a file for your Poster Image. You can also change this poster to a default images for all of your broadcasts by going to your site settings. 

You can also view our tutorial video on how to create your broadcasts on BlueFrame and IWLCA-TV.