You can also use Production Truck to go straight to BlueFrame + IWLCA. This would be an option for a school that is not currently streaming their games, or that is allowed to stream through alternative platforms. 

You will follow the instructions to create the broadcast that we already went through. You will need to have Production Truck downloaded, and will login with your account information that has already been created. 

You will also need equipment connected to your computer in order to stream the game. If you need help with equipment, contact our support team, or visit for recommendations. 

Once your camera, audio, and graphics are ready to use, simply click the Test button, then go straight to Live when you are ready to stream. 

Your broadcast is now live on the IWLCA-TV and the apps! 

Once the broadcast is completed, click Live again, choose the Archive button once it is fully stopped. 

There are plenty more tutorials to be found for Production Truck, as going Live is only one of the many features it has! Here are some more resource if you are interested in exploring the capabilities of PT further - 

Production Truck Walkthrough

Overlays Basics

Instant Replay

Getting Started Videos

You can view the tutorial video on how to stream through Production Truck to IWLCA-TV below -