Create your broadcast as normal, but open up the syndication section. 

Copy your RTMP URL and Stream Key/Stream Name from your streaming provider

Click to add an RTMP Push Endpoint in the Syndication section.

Paste the Stream Name/Stream Key from your current service into the Stream Name field. VERIFY THERE ARE NO SPACES BEFORE OR AFTER

Your RTMP URL will always be laid out in the below format. 


Now take the RTMP URL from your current streaming provider and break it apart into the Host, Port, and Application fields. Below is an example RTMP URL. Do NOT use this as your RTMP URL, use the one provided to you by your current streaming service. VERIFY THERE ARE NO SPACES BEFORE OR AFTER EACH OF THESE FIELDS

Click CREATE at the bottom of the broadcast creation page. Now when you start your BlueFrame stream in Production Truck or your current encoder, it will begin sending video data to your current provider. Depending on your video provider, you may need to manually trigger the event as LIVE on their back-end. 

You can also view a video tutorial on how this process works below -