So, you're interested in turning on Pay-Per-View for your broadcasts. We can help, through vCloud. Now, onto the different ways of setting up Pay-Per-View broadcasts that we will be covering today: 

  • Individual Broadcast Pay-Per-View - Good for giving access to viewers for one specific broadcast
  • Pay-Per-View Playlists - Good for a tournament or specific set of broadcasts for which you would like to turn on Pay-Per-View
  • Pay-Per-View Access Passes - Good for a season long pass for a specific sport, or a 24 hour "day" pass


Individual Broadcast PPV Setup

First, to setup an individual broadcast for Pay-Per-View, create your broadcast as normal. On the broadcast creation page, click the Settings section, and then go the Access tab. Click YES for require viewers to login, and YES for viewers must pay before viewing a broadcast. Then enter in your preferred price for viewers to access this individual broadcast. Once they purchase, they will have access to this broadcast both live and on-demand. 

Below is an example of how a pay-per-view broadcast would appear to a viewer. 

Pay-Per-View Playlist Setup

To create a playlist, go to the Playlist section underneath Media. On the Playlist page, click Operations and then Create Playlist

Type in the required information, and underneath settings click YES for require viewers to login, and YES for viewers must pay before viewing a broadcast. Then enter in your preferred price for viewers to access any broadcasts that are associated with this playlist. 

Now to add a broadcast, or multiple broadcasts, to this playlist go to your Playlists section on your desired broadcast(s). Open this section, and start typing in your playlist name. Select it from the drop down and click save. 

Your viewers will now have the ability to choose between an individual broadcast purchase (if you've turned this on) or the playlist. Below is an example of how a playlist and single video pay-per-view broadcast would appear to a viewer when purchasing. 

Pay-Per-View Access Pass Setup

To setup an Access Pass for Pay-Per-View, go to the Access Pass section underneath Media. 

Once there click Operations then Create New Access Pass.

You will need to fill in the required fields, and beyond that, there are a few different ways that you can configure the Access Pass to apply to your broadcasts. 

The first of which is to apply to ALL of your broadcasts, without a section selected. If you want this to occur, leave your section blank, and extend your Access Type, Until End Date or for a selected period of time.

If you would like to grant access to customers to watch all of your broadcasts for a specific amount of time for a specific sport (say a 24 hour "day pass"), you can select your section/sport from the Sections field, and then choose the period of time that this Access Pass is available for. To be clear, this will grant a viewer access to a broadcast for 24 hours after they have purchased the pass. An example is below - 

In contrast to this, you could grant viewers access for a longer amount of time, without having to manually type in a playlist to each individual broadcast that you are wanting associated. Simply type in your section and an end date, and all of your broadcasts from that sport will be automatically associated with that access pass. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.