In this article we will go over how to create a Portal page.

Before we begin, you will need to create a widget. If you have not done this, or need help, feel free to look at our help desk article, 'how to create a widget.'

1. We will first need to go to the manage tab, and click 'portal'.

2. Next we will hit 'set up portal'

3. The first section in creating a portal, allows you to select the widget that you would like to add, and to add a background color or photo.

4.Next, you can choose to select any secondary colors that you might want for your portal.

5. Once we have chosen colors, we can add your logo to the top of the page. For this you will hit Upload a new image.

6. Now that the design has been chosen  we can add a link to your website. This will be used if anyone hits your logo, or any photos in your sidebar. Also in this section, you can choose if you want a drop down menu, and what links to put there.

7. In the sidebar section, you can choose to add some HTML content, for images or ads, and add a link to your twitter.

8. Once you have it how you would like, you can hit save, and preview what it will look like on your page!

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (855) 812-2740 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.