In this article we will go through the steps to stream your broadcast to Youtube through RTMP.

1. First you will need to go to and log into your account.

2. Once you are logged in,  click on the account circle in the top right. This will generate a drop down menu, where you will then select the option title creator studio.

3.In Creator Studio, you will go to the left column where you will find an option titled live streaming click this, and choose the option events.

4.A)If you don't have a stream scheduled, click new live event in the top right. Here you will put in a title, tag, and event time information.(Make sure that you select custom as the type)


  B) If the even is already created, click edit, and click the option called 'ingestion settings'

5.On the Ingestion setting, you will want to select 'single use key' and then select other encoders from the drop down menu.

6. at this point you will need to go into Production truck. After logging in, it the preference wheel in the center. From there you will want to click services.

7. Under services, change your streaming service to 'RTMP' and click 'create Broadcast.

8.In Create broadcast, The description will be the Title of your stream. The host URL is, is listed as the primary server url in youtube. and then just fill in your stream name. Keep the username and password section clear. and then hit save!

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