There is an easier way to create broadcasts through BlueFrame's system. Cloning a broadcast allows you to copy certain information from a broadcast that you are editing or creating and applying it to a brand new broadcast. Below are the steps to begin cloning broadcasts and to start saving yourself time. 

1. Login to and then navigate to either the Broadcasts or Broadcast Grid section.

2. Click the edit pencil on the broadcast that you would like to clone. 

3. On the Update Broadcast page, click operation and Clone This Broadcast. 

4. A new Update Broadcast page will be opened. Every setting that was applied on the last broadcast will be carried over to this cloned broadcast. For example - section, date/time, poster image, network ID. The only setting that does not stay exactly the same is the Title of the cloned broadcast, it will have BACKUP in front of the title. 

Tip: You will only need to change the title and event date/time in order to create a new broadcast for a specific sport using the Clone Broadcast feature. 

If you have any other questions about cloning broadcasts, please let our support team know!