Needing to change the availability of a broadcast to the viewer? Want a broadcast hidden from viewer's? BlueFrame has a variety of availability settings for a broadcast's viewing to be changed for the end viewer. 

- To adjust who can view a broadcast and different availability settings navigate to the specific broadcast in the 'Broadcasts' or 'Broadcast Grid' page. 

- This can be done when creating a new broadcast or updating an existing broadcast. 

- Availability settings will be found when navigating down to the Settings tab on the broadcast form shown below.

Availability Options

- Audio only is an option to only stream audio. It is default to the option 'No' but it can be changed before the broadcast is streamed. 

- The default availability option is 'Standard', meaning the broadcast is always available. 

- 'No Scout' means that the broadcast will be available live but it will not be available archived until specified.

- 'Delayed Video' is another option that sends live audio only while the broadcast is live. The archive video is unavailable until specified.

-  'Delayed' is an option to have live unavailable and the archived unavailable until specified.

- 'Unlisted' the broadcast is only viewable via direct broadcast player embed or via the direct broadcast URL link. It will not be listed within a BlueFrame widget/API results.

- 'Unavailable' is to have the broadcast hidden to the viewer. Broadcast is still viewable as an admin in vCloud.

- 'Until Specified' Some availability options include choosing the archive to become available at a specific date/time.  

- To set the specified date for archive availability, choose 'When Archived'. Under 'Available After' choose the date and time the broadcast will become available for viewers. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (855) 812-2740 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.