Instructions to stream to FaceBook Live from Production Truck. 

  • In Production Truck, make sure your streaming service is set to Generic (RTMP/UDP/SRT) within the Preferences menu. 
  • Once that's done go to the Facebook page you are wanting to stream to. Ensure that you are added as an admin. 
  • Near the top of Facebook (right under the search bar) there should be some different options for you as an Admin. Select Publishing Tools.
  • Within the Publishing Tools page click on Videos, and then click Live (to the left of upload) 
  • On the Live Broadcast page, fill in your title and description of the event, and copy the Server URL and Stream Key. Go back to PT, but leave Facebook open in the background. 
  • Within PT, click Create Broadcast (either from the Preferences menu on the Service tab, or by clicking Broadcast>Create Broadcast). Ensure that Generic RTMP is still selected as your streaming service. 
  • On the Create Broadcast page, fill in your Broadcast Title, and past the Server URL from Facebook into the Host URL field. Paste the Stream Key text into the Stream name section. No username and password is required. Click Save.
  • Your broadcast is now ready to stream to Facebook Live. PRO TIP: On Facebook ensure your schedule your broadcast for the right time (Click schedule on the broadcast page where you originally copied the Server URL and Stream Key).