Displaying program out to a monitor can be done in Production Truck a few ways. Either via a wired connection through a device or via NDI, where supported.

If you just wish to just grab Production Truck's program feed and send it to another monitor or device, you can not plug in just an HDMI cable, as this will either mirror the entire computer screen or act as a second monitor.  


Note: Program Output is currently only available on the Mac version of Production Truck.

Using a wired UltraStudio Monitor

Below is an example of what this would look like on a standard Production Truck setup. In this setup you would need to purchase, unless already owned, an UltraStudio Monitor 3G or UltraStudio Mini Monitor from Blackmagic Design. 

The UltraStudio Mini Monitor or UltraStudio Monitor 3G will be plugged into the computer running Production Truck via Thunderbolt and then connected to the monitor via an SDI or HDMI cable. 

With that setup, you will then navigate within Production Truck to the Preferences menu, the gear icon in the center, and under Audio/Video, select Program Output 1.

Then under the Source option, select the UltraStudio Mini Monitor or UltraStudio Monitor 3G.

Your program feed will then be outputting to the monitor. 

Using the Wireless NDI Capabilities (Mac Only)

In order to output a program feed wirelessly from Production Truck, you will need to download NDI Tools on the Computer B. Specifically, you will need to download NewTek NDI Video Monitor. 

Note: Since this is occurring wirelessly there maybe some significant delay on the program feed on computer B. 

Within Production Truck on Computer A, navigate to Preferences, then Audio/Video. Then under Program Output, for the source option select NDI Output.

On Computer B, open up NewTek NDI Video Monitor

With that open, navigate up to the MacOS navigation bar at the top and select File, then select Computer A, and select PT Program Output 1

You should then see the program feed from Production Truck populate on the Video Monitor on Computer B. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.