If you are receiving errors and are unable to stream, it’s possible that it may be due to a network blockage on your network connection. This is more likely if this is your first time streaming, or you are streaming on a new network. Publicly available networks, like those at schools, are more likely to encounter this error with Port 1935. Switching the Port 1935 to Port 80 is a good start in trying to resolve this blockage and error message.

We would highly recommend contacting the venue's IT Department if you plan on continuing to stream at this venue at later dates. Send them the following article for more information on what needs to be allowed on the network: Network QOS Settings and Port Openings.

Note: If you do not stream to BlueFrame's vCloud streaming service, your streaming service will utilize different ports for streaming. This will require different options to be opened on the network. We would recommend contacting your live-streaming provider for that information. 


Failed to Configure Live Stream Error Message

The most common type of network blockage that we see is an error message when you first try to start streaming that doesn't allow your broadcast to start. Please see the below image:

This message is essentially telling you that there is a blockage of the port that you are trying to use. One thing that may fix this if you are using Production Truck is changing the port. Please see the next troubleshooting step to see if this solves the issue.

Changing the Port with Production Truck

By default Production Truck uses Port 1935 to stream to our servers, if this server is blocked on the network you are utilizing you will be met with an error. 

To change the port, within Production Truck, navigate to the Preferences, then the Network tab, and then at the bottom enable the RTMP Port 80 option. 

With that enabled, navigate back out and attempt to stream. If you are able to stream successfully, you have navigated around the port blockage. 

Changing the Port with Third Party Encoder

If you are not using Production Truck and are using a Third Party Encoder or Streaming Software, you can also change the port number that is listed in the RTMP Host Information.

Inside of vCloud where you go to get your RTMP Information (Inside of vCloud: Media > Broadcast Grid > "i" icon for that particular broadcast), you will see the Host information listed. Inside of that information, you should see the number "1935", which refers to the port number. 

What you would want to do with this information is go ahead and copy this information by clicking on the paperclip in the far right hand side of this RTMP Info. Next, you would want to paste this information as you normally would into your encoder or software. 

However, instead of saving this right away, we would like you to change that "1935" to "80". This will allow your encoder or software to bypass port 1935 and attempt to stream to port 80.

Verifying BlueFrame Services are Blocked

Another way to check to see if it is a network block, is to attempt to navigate to the main BlueFrame vCloud website, this website can be accessed here: vCloud. You will just sign in with your account credentials, these are the same as Production Truck. 

If you receive an error message during this process, it is likely that BlueFrame services are blocked on the network.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.