Mobile Devices can be utilized as Remote Cameras for use within Production Truck. You can utilize our Remote Truck application on your phone for direct integration, or you can download third-party applications to use your phone as a remote camera. 

The computer hosting Production Truck and the mobile device(s) will all need to be on the same network. 


Note: This only works on Apple mobile devices and computers.

Remote Truck

Make sure you are connected to the same local network on both the computer and the mobile devicemDNS & Bonjour discovery need to be enabled on the network.

In Production Truck you'll first need to start a remote session by going to Extras in the menu bar and selecting Host Remote Session.

A new window will appear, you are now automatically hosting a remote session. The Remote Session Name will be what appears when discovering the computer in your mobile device. You will not see any devices populate the white box below right now. 

Then on your mobile device open the Remote Truck and click the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner. Then select Connect under the Production Truck header. 

If you are on the same network as the host computer, it should automatically populate in the displayed screen. You will then select Join. 

Note: The Remote Truck Identifier, will be what the mobile device is labeled as for the camera source within Production Truck. 

Back in Production Truck you'll see your device has appeared and you'll checkboxes that correspond to the different features that are available (Ads, Audio, Remote Camera, Remote Switching). For our purposes, we will just select Remote Camera. 

Note: Audio allows for the mobile device to control Production Truck audio levels, it does not capture audio from the mobile device itself. 

That mobile device can now be selected as a normal camera within Production Truck. Under Preferences and Audio/Video, from the Source dropdown menu, you should see the Remote Camera option followed by the name of the device in parentheses. 

In the below example, we are bringing in a mobile device as Camera 1 and have color bars selected as Camera 2. You can see that the mobile device acts as a normal camera source. 

NDI HX Camera App

With direct integration with NDI via Production Truck, you can also download and use NDI HX Camera Application via Newtek NDI to use your mobile device as a camera. 

Download the NDI HX Drivers to your computer from within Production Truck as well. Navigate up to Help, then Download Links, and finally NDI HX driver

Once you have downloaded the app and opened it, navigate back to Production Truck. As long as your computer and mobile device are on the same network, your device will appear automatically as a source option within Production Truck. It will be labeled as the name of your device. 

Once you have selected it as a camera source, you will see a live feed from your device. You can also bring in audio from the device, by selecting it as an audio source, under Audio 1

You can change various aspects of the camera using the options under Settings icon on the NDI HX Camera App. 

 If having trouble connecting, make sure to try the following steps with your network.

  1. Make sure you are using the same wi-fi network with both Production Truck and Remote Truck.
  2. You need to verify that the subnet on your network infrastructure is correctly configured.
  3. Ensure that your network does NOT have wireless isolation; is this is fairly common for public networks.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.