If you are utilizing Skype to video conference with someone, the combination of the NDI feature within Skype and Production Truck allows you to stream that call. This enables you to create an interview-like scenario with someone who may not be able to be there in-person. 

Enabling NDI on Skype
You will first need to enable NDI on Skype. To do so, navigate to Skype, select Preferences from the Skype toolbar. 

Once in Skype's settings, navigate to the Calling tab on the left. Then navigate to Advanced

You will then see an option to Allow NDI Usage, you will want this to be enabled. 

Note: Skype requires that a Skype Watermark be placed when capturing their software. You can choose where this watermark appears using the setting below Allow NDI Usage. 

Using Skype in Production Truck

Now that you have NDI enabled on Skype, navigate over to Production Truck. 

Selecting your Cameras, you should now see Skype as a Source option. You will likely be given three options, depending on how you have your Skype call setup; your camera, whomever you are Skyping's camera, and then an Active Speaker option (this will switch the perspective depending on whom is speaking). Pick whichever camera perspective you wish to use. 

Note: You must have an active Skype call for the option to appear within Production Truck. You can test this yourself by setting up a meeting in Skype.

Now moving on to Audio. If you wish to utilize just a single Audio Source from within Skype, navigate to Audio 1 and select the appropriate Audio connection. 

However, if you wish to use multiple sources within Skype as Audio Sources navigate to the Advanced Mixer within Production Truck, click the arrow next to the Main Audio indicator on the main Production Truck window. 

You will then be given the option for multiple Audio Sources, click on one of the Audio options and on the dropdown to the right select the appropriate connection within Skype to assign it to that Audio location. 

You are now successfully capturing a Skype call with the appropriate Camera and Audio sources within Production Truck. You would now stream as normal. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.