Using Production Truck, you can playback downloaded broadcasts or other video content and play it via a created broadcast as if it was live. You will need the content you wish to stream again as a .mp4 file locally on your computer. 

Open up and login into Production Truck and create a broadcast as you normally would. We would recommend labeling the broadcast in some way so that viewers are aware it is a rebroadcast and not live content. 

Fill out the necessary information for creating a broadcast. Once created, navigate down to the Video Clips area of Production Truck. 

Then click the plus symbol in the bottom of the Video Clips screen in order to load the broadcast you wish to stream into the tray and Video Clips window. This will open up a file finder on your computer, navigate to and select the video you wish to rebroadcast. 

Once the clip is loaded into the video clips editor, we would recommend going into Testing and going Live, as you normally would with a broadcast. Then opening up the Video Clips window and hitting Cut when you are ready to go live with that recorded content. 

You can utilize the Graphics options to place overlays over the recorded content. By default overlays do not display over video clips. 

By using the Audio Override option, which is on by default, the audio of the recorded content will be heard on the stream. If you want to record new audio over the recorded content, you can disable this feature and then capture audio from an audio source within Production Truck. 

Once Live, the broadcast will operates as normal, when the video clip ends however, the stream will display whatever is being shown as a camera and audio source. So keep this in mind when rebroadcasting content. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.