Production Truck Pro (Mac) has built-in Facebook integration. Once you are logged into Facebook in Production Truck, there is no need to do any creating or editing on Facebook via a browser, it can all be done within Production Truck! Whether streaming to a personal account or page, streaming to Facebook is simple.

Once logged into Production Truck, navigate to the Preferences window, which is the gear icon in the center of Production Truck. Then on the far left hand tab, Service, you will want to change your Streaming Service to Facebook

A new option will appear in the Services tab to Sign In, you will want to select this option and then sign into your Facebook account using your credentials. 

Facebook will ask if you wish to give Production Truck access to post on your account and manage your pages. Navigate through the various Facebook permission screens and eventually your login will be successful. 

In the upper right hand corner of Production Truck, you should now see the user account you are signed into. If you are attempting to stream to a page, you can select it from the dropdown.

Note: You must be given administrative permissions for the page on Facebook in order to post. If you created the page, you are given administrative permissions by default. 

After deciding if you want to post on a personal profile or page, you can now create a broadcast. 

For Facebook, you will be given a Title and Description option. both will be publicly visible on the post. You can also dictate if the post is publicly visible. 

With your broadcast created, you can now go live on Facebook. Once you Go Live within Production Truck, the post will appear on Facebook and will be live. No manual input on Facebook needed!

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.