If you are using a third-party audio mixer in conjunction with Production Truck and encountering issues please see the recommendations below. In this particular document, we are using the Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB, while we cannot account for every audio mixer available on the market, there are likely similar settings on your mixer. 

"Failed to Start Audio Capture Session" Error on MacOS

For more information on this error, please see this document: Mac OS Camera & Microphone Privacy Setting Issue. If you see the "failed to Start Audio Capture Session" error or if Production Truck is not seeing your audio mixer at all, this is a good first step.

In summary, navigate to your Mac's System Preferences, Security & Privacy, and then the Privacy tab and enable Production Truck under the Microphone setting. 

Verifying the Audio Mixer is being Detected by the Computer

If your audio mixer is not coming up as an available source within Production Truck, let's first ensure that the computer is registering the audio mixer as a device.

With your mixer plugged in, navigate to your Mac's System Preferences and then Sound. Then under the Input tab ensure that the audio mixer appears. It may not appear labeled as the name of the audio mixer, but instead as Line In or USB Audio Codec.Test that the mixer is getting audio levels by looking at the Input Levels fluctuating in the Sound settings. 

If you do not see your audio mixer appear in this section, Production Truck will not be able to detect is either, as the computer as a whole is not identifying it. 

Verify the Audio Mixer is Connected via USB

In order to ensure the best audio quality and connection, we recommend bringing in Audio Mixers over USB. We do not recommend bringing them in through the Audio Jack. Most mixers will have a USB option. 

The previous solution also ensures that the computer is detecting the mixer and there is likely not an issue with the USB cabling. 

Checking Phantom Power and Main Mix settings 

Two buttons that are specific specific to bringing in a mixer over USB are the Phantom Power and Main Mix buttons. 

If mixer has a Phantom Power button should be enabled. 

If mixer has a Main Mix button should be disabled. 

If mixer has a 2-TR/USB to Main button should be disabled. 

While these do not directly affect Production Truck, they do affect your mixer's ability to send to your computer. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.