Through vCloud, individual broadcasts can be given a specific price point. This is great for single events or if you want each individual broadcast on your site to be an individual purchase. 


First, to setup an individual broadcast for Pay-Per-View, create your broadcast as normal. Then while either creating or editing the broadcast, navigate to the Settings tab, and choose Access

Click Yes for 'Require viewers to login', and Yes for 'Viewers must pay before viewing a broadcast'. 

Then enter in your preferred price for viewers to access this individual broadcast. Once they purchase, they will have access to this broadcast both live and on-demand included for that single fee. 

Below those fields, you can also give your viewers the option to download a copy of the broadcast. Selecting Yes, will give you the option to include the download with their purchase, or have it be for a separate fee. 

You can then navigate down and select Create or Save once you are done setting up your broadcast pay-per-view. 

Viewer Perspective

You can verify your broadcast pay-per-view is setup by going to the Broadcast Grid and selecting the Viewer Player icon on the right. 

You will then see how the viewer would login, purchase, and view the broadcast. You will be prompted to Sign-in, this is how you know the pay-per-view is enabled. 

When the viewer is logged in to an account, they will be prompted to select a purchasing option. Since you have just setup a single purchase for the one particular broadcast, this is all they will be shown. 

Direct Purchase Link

A link to purchase individual broadcast can be directly provided in order to promote to viewers purchasing broadcast. 

Once you have created the broadcast and setup pay-per-view, navigate to the Broadcasts area of vCloud by going to Media, then Broadcasts. 

Find the broadcast you wish to have the link for, then select the View details option by selecting the magnifying glass icon to the right. 

You will then be presented with a screen that gives the details for the broadcast. Navigate to the Misc. tab.

The Direct Purchase Link for the access pass is at the bottom of your screen. Clicking the link will automatically copy it to your clipboard. 

You now have the direct link for your viewers to purchase that broadcast. You can test the link by pasting it in your browser. It will take you to the BlueFrame login screen. By logging in, your viewers will be taken through a standard purchasing process.