Through vCloud, playlist can be utilized to group broadcasts together and then generate a single price point a viewer would pay for access to all the broadcasts placed into the playlist. This is great for multiple event tournaments or specific groups of broadcasts you want to present to viewers. 


In order to see playlists, you will go up to Media, and then Playlists

Note: Playlists are site specific, this means that only playlists for the site in the box at the top of vCloud will populate this area, for many of you this will default to your particular school or organization. However, if you have multiple sites you will need to choose one.

For information regarding how to create playlists, see the following Help Article: Creating and Utilizing Playlists

You will then select the Update playlist option from the icons on the right. 

Under the Settings area, there will be options to enable pay-per-view for this playlist. You will need to select Yes for 'Requires Viewers to Login', then select Yes for 'Viewers must pay before viewing content'. Then enter the amount that you would like to charge for the playlist. 

Below those fields, you can also give your viewers the option to download a copy of the broadcast. Selecting Yes, will give you the option to include the download with their purchase, or have it be for a separate fee. 

Then in the bottom right hand corner click SaveYour playlist is now a pay-per-view playlist. Viewers will pay the amount you entered for access to all the broadcasts within the Playlist. 

Viewer Perspective

You can verify your broadcast pay-per-view is setup by going to the Broadcast Grid and selecting the Viewer Player icon on the right. 

You will then see how the viewer would login, purchase, and view the broadcast. You will be prompted to login, this is how you know the pay-per-view is enabled. 

When the viewer is logged in to an account, they will be prompted to select a purchasing option. In the below example, you we have a single broadcast pay-per-view option setup, and the playlist option. That is how they appear. 

In the email that the viewer receives after purchasing, if they purchase a playlist, it will list each broadcast included in that playlist.