BlueFrame streaming services are supported on a number of mobile and television applications. We custom make these apps for your platform. Below is some information regarding these applications. 

If you are interested in getting apps developed, contact our Sales Team at and mention apps to discuss pricing!

Supported Platforms

BlueFrame mobile and television applications are supported on the following platforms. 

Mobile: Apple, Android, Amazon Fire Tablet

Television Applications: Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku


Our custom applications offer a variety of features that are notable from just streaming on a traditional internet browser connection. 

  • Notifications - On mobile, viewers have the option to enable notifications for your broadcasts or a particular organization's broadcasts. They will then receive a notification whenever you go live! 

  • Custom Rows for Content Organization - You can create custom rows or groups of broadcasts that can be named and will appear to your viewers. This allows you to group sporting events that were apart of a particular tournament, for example. You can also choose the order in which rows appear, so you pick which content appears to your viewers first!

  • Custom Branding and Assets - Your apps are yours, you pick how they look! You pick the icon for the app, logos and branding within the app itself, and any color schemes. 

  • Live Linear Player - We can provide you with a live linear player  on your apps that can continuously play content that is being provided to it. This player will provide continuous content to your viewers, similar to a television channel * the live linear player is a premium add-on to a stream service, contact our sales team for more information


Below are some examples of our mobile and television applications. While each app is individually developed for a platform, they follow a similar design pattern. 

Below are example of multiple instances of our OTT apps across our platform and how various pages in a viewers navigation of the app would appear. 

Main Page

Broadcast Selection

Filtering by Site

Searching for Broadcasts

Below is an of how our mobile apps would appear to a viewer on their phone across multiple screens. 

Development Timeline

If you decide to invest in our apps, it will take around 30-days or one month in order to develop and publish your apps to the respective app platform stores. The time it takes for the application platforms; Apple, Roku, Amazon, etc. to approve applications and release them to public on their platforms can vary. 


If you are interested in getting our apps developed, contact our Sales team at and mention getting apps developed for your platform!