BlueFrame has many ways for your content to be distributed. Below are some ways we can display your content for your viewers, with examples. Standard distribution methods are included with all streaming plans, where Premium distribution methods can be offered at an additional cost. 


Individual Broadcast Video Player Embed

Each of our broadcast comes with an individual embed code, this allows you to place a single broadcast on a webpage. This embeds just the video player itself, without any elements like a broadcast list that comes with a widget. The viewer would be able to control their viewing of just that single broadcast. 

For information regarding how to retrieve an individual broadcast's embed code, please view the following Help Article: Retrieving Individual Broadcast Video Player Embed Code

Media Widget (Embedded)

The Media widget allows an area for your broadcasts to be displayed, it also ads an area below where you Live/Upcoming broadcasts appear, as well as an area of your On-Demand content to be accessed. This can be embedded on your own website. 

It also allows for further customization, such as specific colors to match your brand, and the ability for viewers to easily share your broadcasts on social media.

Examples: McMurry University, Spalding University, Bryn Athyn College

Web Application (Embedded)

Our Web Application is similar to the widget, it displays a broadcast and then displays Live/Upcoming and On-Demand content in rows. The web application allows for further customization in custom rows, that can display playlists or groups of broadcasts, and site specific display areas. 

The Web Application specifically is designed to be visually similar to how most streaming applications display content on OTT platforms. 


We can host your content on your own website under the Team1Sports webpage. This will cause all your content to be hosted on " Business)". The Team1Sports page can be used with either a Media Widget or Web Application. 

Additional customization options are available such as; linking to other sites, social media pages, and advertisements. For information regarding how to create a Team1Sports page on vCloud please view the following Help Article: How to Create a Portal Page

Examples: Transylvania University, Stevenson University, Wabash College

Other Options

Through Production Truck and vCloud we provide other avenues for your content to reach your viewers.

  • Production Truck - through Production Truck you can stream directly to other platforms, such as social media; Facebook, Youtube, and any Generic (RTMP, UDP, SRT) connection. For more information: Logging In and Switching Streaming Services

  • vCloud Syndication - through vCloud Syndication we can send to various social media platforms such as; Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter. Additionally, any platform that provides a Stream URL and Stream Key/Name can be streamed too. For more information: Syndicating to Facebook and Youtube and Syndicating to Twitter


Custom Domain - Digital Network

If you have multiple organizations that will be streaming under a single organization, we can create custom domain pages that host all of this content. Viewers will be able to see all games available from all your organizations or specify which organization they wish to view specifically. 

This content distribution method can utilize either the Media Widget or Web Application designs. 

Examples: The MIAA Network, Conference Carolinas Digital Network, The CCAA Network, the CIAA Sports Network

Mobile Applications

We can also develop custom mobile applications for your content. These are available for download on iOS and Android devices. Viewers will be able to see all games available from all your organization, search for specific broadcasts, and get notifications about your upcoming broadcasts. 

Check out these apps on the App or Google Play Store: GLVCSN, ECC Network, and the LSC Digital Network

OTT/Television Applications

Similar to other streaming platforms, we are able to develop applications available for streaming platforms on televisions. Viewers will be able to see all games available from all your organization, search for specific broadcasts, and access pay-per-view content easily. 

Our OTT Applications are available on the following platforms: Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire

Check out these apps on the above platforms: Mountain East Conference, CCAA Network, NSN Sports Network

Note: Depending on where your broadcasts are hosted traditionally, we may already have a OTT App that we can add your channel too, for example Team1Sports. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.