Broadcasts can be purchased for download and then saved locally to your computer in order to be kept permanently for your viewing pleasure! This Help Document goes over how to download videos locally to your computer once you have purchased and received the download link.

Note: If you need assistance in purchasing a download link, please view this Help Document: Purchasing Video Downloads.

Once you have purchased your broadcast download, you will receive a confirmation email your purchase was successful and a download link is being generated. This email will not contain the download link. 

Depending on the length of the broadcast, it may take an hour in order for you to receive your download link. You will then receive an email containing a link. The email will likely be with the subject link: Broadcast or Video Download Notification.

The blue text at the bottom of the email contains the link to the broadcast. Clicking on the link will open the broadcast in your browser and it will begin playing. 

Note: This download link will only work for 30-days from you receiving the download email, you must save the broadcast to your computer to have access to it indefinitely. 

When the broadcast is open on your computer, you can right-click and select "Save Video As" or "Download Video As", depending on your browser. 

Note: Broadcasts can only be downloaded locally on computers, not mobile devices or Smart TV Apps. 

You will then be given the option to name the broadcast, and where it appears locally on your computer. You will then want to click "Save".

Your broadcast will download locally to your computer and be in the location where you choose to place the file. By default, it will appear in your Downloads area. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.