If you stream with BlueFrame, Production Truck will require that you go into Test mode. Test mode can be utilized in order to verify elements of your broadcast without your viewers seeing that content. Below we go over how to enter test mode and verify Test mode on our vCloud streaming service. 

Open Production Truck and create or select your broadcast. Then select your camera and audio devices. 

Go into Test mode by selecting Test mode in the upper right hand corner and confirm the prompt to go into Test mode. 

Note: You will be able to verify your are in Test mode by the Prebroadcast Test text on your program feed, and the Prebroadcast Test Stream Started on the Status indicator. Also the timer indicator above the program feed will be yellow indicating you are in Test mode. 

Now that you are in Test mode navigate to vCloud, which can be found here, and login. Navigate to the Broadcast Grid from the home page. 

You should see the broadcast you are testing with a red outline around it. Its status will also be indicated as Testing. 

To the far right of the broadcast are icons that control various elements with the broadcast. 

Selecting the 'i' icon will allow you to view the broadcast from the Admin perspective and you will see your broadcast streaming. 

Using the play icon will allow you to see the broadcast from a viewers perspective, you will see that you do not see your broadcast since you are still in Test mode. 

Using the Admin player on vCloud, you can preview certain elements of your broadcasts to see how it will appear to your viewers. This is also a useful tool to ensure you are in Test mode and streaming without issues. 

Note: Certain elements, specifically BlueFrame Ads, will not appear in the Admin player. This is due to the advertisements appearing in the video player itself. 

Once you are ready, in Production Truck, transition to Live mode (while actively in Test mode) by selecting the Live button in the upper right hand corner. In a few seconds, you will be live. This is indicated by the red light above the program feed, and the Status update to Streaming Live in the lower right hand corner. 

If you navigate back to vCloud and the Broadcast Grid, you will see your Live broadcast in Blue with a status indicator of Streaming. Now viewing the broadcast via the viewer or admin player, will produce the same result. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.