By accessing your account through BlueFrame, you can manage your account information, see your previous purchases, and manage your subscriptions. 


Logging In

When logging in and making purchases through BlueFrame, an account is created for you to manage your purchases. To access this account visit the the viewer portal by clicking here

Note: the website link to access your BlueFrame Account is also available at the bottom of your Order Complete! email sent with each purchase. 

Login to the account you utilized to purchase, if you created a BlueFrame account or logged in via Facebook, Google, or Apple. 

After logging in, you will then see your previous purchases, including subscriptions. You can navigate around your account by selecting the various areas in the upper right hand corner. 

Managing Subscriptions

Selecting the Subscriptions tab, will take you to your subscriptions. Select the magnifying glass on a specific subscription in order view options regarding the subscription, including canceling or suspending it. 

By selecting the magnifying glass, you can see details regarding the subscription.

Selecting the Pause Subscription? option will pause your subscription and you will not be charged for the subscription for the next billing cycle. You will also lose the access provided by the subscription on the Next Purchase Date. You can re-enable your subscription at any time, by signing back into your account and navigating back to this page. 

Choosing the End Subscription? option option will end your subscription and you will no longer be charged for the subscription at next billing cycle and beyond. You will also lose the access provided by the subscription on the Next Purchase Date.

Managing Payment Options

By going to the Payments tab, you can manage the Credit or Debt card associated with your account. Your Active Subscriptions indicates how many subscriptions are being charged to that particular card. 

Selecting the magnifying glass next to a card will allow you to edit the details of that particular payment method. It will also give you the option to Delete the payment option. If payment option is removed, you will also lose the access provided by the subscription on the Next Purchase Date.

Update Personal Information

By selecting the Update tab, you can alter information regarding your account, including changing your email and password. 

Contact Support

Having issues with your account or purchases? Select the Contact tab and fill out the necessary fields to reach out via email to our Support Staff.


If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.