You can stream directly from your mobile device, either an iPhone or an iPad, to vCloud, with our Remote Truck app. This allows you to use the camera from your mobile device to stream your game. 


Device Recommendations (for best performance)

iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro

  • Current generation (2018 or newer)


  • iPhone 8 or newer

Getting Started

Download the Remote Truck app from the app store and open it on you mobile device. You can also scan the below QR code to access the app on the App Store. 

When you first open up the app, you will be asked to Select a User, you will sign in with your BlueFrame credentials, these will be the same you use for vCloud and Production Truck. 

Now that you are signed in, navigate up to the three horizontal bars to access the menu. You will then select Broadcast from the options. 

If you have broadcasts created they will appear here. 

You can create a broadcast by selecting the blue plus icon in the bottom right hand corner. 

If you need to Create a Broadcast, you will need to select the following, please keep in mind that this information is publicly available for your viewers. Once you input this information, navigate down and select Save. 

  • Site: your organization or school
  • Section: sport or category of broadcast
  • Date: the date and time of the broadcast
  • Title: the title for the broadcast
  • Description: the large blank space, will be a description for the event, this is optional

If your broadcast is already created, or now with your broadcast created, navigate over to Broadcast. Then select the Camera icon next to the broadcast. 

You should then have the start button at the bottom of your screen which is what you will want to press to start streaming! 

When you stop the stream at the bottom, you will be given a two options, you can either select to Archive the stream if you are completely done or you can select Not Done and continue to stream the broadcast for up to one hour later. 

App Navigation

Below is a breakdown of what each option does on the main screen.

Selecting the gear icon in the bottom left hand corner will pull up an Ad Menu and Hide Stats option. 

Additionally, selecting the video camera and microphone icon will disable/enable your devices camera and microphone.

Zoom by pinching on the screen.

Network Test

You can also run a Network Test within Production Truck that will reflect your upload speed for streaming. Under the gear icon in the lower left, select Network Test.

You will then be given an upload speed. A speed with a red or yellow outline may negatively impact your stream, whereas a green outline indicates a strong network connection for streaming.


Overlays can be added to a Remote Truck broadcast, including a Scoreboard and a Watermark.


In order to access the Overlays customization menu, navigate to the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of Remote Truck. Then select the Overlay Setup option. 

This is where you will control the overlay's visual appearance and placement. You can see a preview of what the overlay will look like on the right side of the screen.

  • Overlay - Toggles ALL overlays On/Off 
  • Scoreboard - Toggles the Scoreboard On/Off
  • Watermark - toggles the Watermark On/Off
  • Timer - If you have a Scorebird Unit connected, you can toggle the Scoreboard's timer on.
  • Logos - Enable/Disable logos on the Scoreboard. These are uploaded on the Team panel
  • Position Numbers - determines where the Scoreboard appears on the screen

Navigating to the Home/Away tabs allow you to customize the info for each team. 

  • Home/Away - select this to type and enter in a Team's name or abbreviation
  • Logo - upload a logo from the devices photos
  • Font Color - toggle between black or white font color
  • Color - choose a color on the left or enter in a color's Hex code on the right.

With the overlay now customized, navigate back to Overlay on the left and enable the Overlay and Scoreboard option in order for the Scoreboard to appear on-screen. 

With the Scoreboard now enabled, navigate back using the arrow in the upper left, to the main camera view. In order to control scoring and add points, click on the Arrow on the left hand side of the main Remote Truck screen. This will open up the Scoring Panel

You can toggle between the two teams in the upper left and assign points with the numbers available on-screen. 


Watermarks can be added to add a single logo to a Remote Truck broadcast. 

From the Overlay menu, navigate down to Watermark. In order to select a photo, select the image button and this will open up your device's photos. Select an image and it will be used as the overlay. 

The numbers determine the position where the overlay will appear on-screen. 

In order to change the overlay's size, transparency, or exact location, then select the gear icon. You can use the sliders in order to change these options. Then select Done.

To get the Watermark to appear on-screen. Navigate back to the Overlay option in the upper left and enable the Watermark and the Overlay option. 

Firing Ads

Interested in firing Google based advertisements in your broadcasts? Get an ad tag set up with BlueFrame. Contact us at:

If you have an existing ad tag setup with BlueFrame, you can play advertisements during Remote Truck broadcasts. This is done by bringing up the Ad Panel, via the arrow on the right hand side of the main Remote Truck screen. Select a time you wish for the ad to play. 

Then you will see a timer in the middle of the screen with your broadcast's splash screen. While you are seeing this in the app, the viewer is seeing a Google Ad played for them. 

You can instantly stop the ad by hitting the Stop Ad button in the bottom right. Otherwise at the end of the ad time, it will automatically return to your camera view. 

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team by calling (859)-215-7979 or clicking 'New Support Ticket' at the top of this page.