RTMP information changes on a per-broadcast basis and is found on each broadcast within the vCloud, content management system. 

Firstly, you will need to login to vCloud. Go to the following link and login with your credentials: vcloud.blueframetech.com 

Navigate to the Broadcast Grid page under Produce.

Find the broadcast you wish to see RTMP information for and select the i icon to the right of the broadcast, to get to the Broadcast Details page.

Your RTMP information will be located below the video player. Depending on the streaming software you are utilizing will determine which information you need. Some Broadcasting software may reference these as different terms. 

Host: (Also called: Address, RTMP URL, URL, Server Address, Stream URL, etc.)

Stream Name:  (Also called: Stream ID, Stream Key, Stream)

Not seeing your RTMP Information?

If a broadcast is not displaying RTMP information, you can update the broadcast to display it. In order to update a broadcast, navigate up to Operations, then Update this Broadcast.

Now, navigate down to Alternative Sources (RTMP, RTSP, etc.), select Push Source and select RTMP from the dropdown. Then navigate down and select Save. With this new setting enabled, you will see the RTMP information on the Broadcast Details page. 

Navigate back to the Broadcast Details page and your RTMP information for that broadcast will be displayed there.

If you have any questions, issues or things to add to this article you can call us at our support phone number at 859-215-7979 or email us at support@blueframetech.com.